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While the number of cases in the Northeast is increasing, the state of Vermont has suspended its recreational travel card and imposed a ban on anyone returning to Vermont without a valid visa or travel permit or traveling outside Vermont for more than 30 consecutive days. In response to the recent increase in CO VID cases in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, as well as ongoing investigations into the use of illegal drugs and alcohol in Vermont hotels and restaurants, we are suspending our "recreational travel cards" in Vermont and implementing a moratorium on travel and travel permits for all persons returning to Vermont or traveling outside the country, in response to the increase in COVID, which has increased to 19 cases and is located in the Northeast.

Travelers arriving in Vermont by vehicle must complete a 7-day quarantine followed by a negative test in their home state and are allowed to enter Vermont without further quarantine restrictions. Vermonters returning from state trips must have completed a seven-day quarantine upon their return to Vermont. Residents of other states must follow quarantine guidelines and follow the quarantine rules of the state they wish to visit. For more information on how your company can function and how it can be operated, see the Occupational Safety and Health Guidelines.

To learn more about our efforts to promote diversity, justice and belonging through our Choice organization, please visit our website, Facebook page or Twitter @ ChoiceVermont. To learn less about the diversity and equity of affiliation that we promote through Choice organizations, visit their website or Twitter account.

State travelers are strongly advised to register for a Sara alert when they arrive in Vermont to be screened for the common symptoms of COVID-19. Persons may travel to Vermont if they have any of the symptoms of CO VID-19 and meet the criteria for isolation or quarantine. A copy of our Franchise Disclosure Certificate can be obtained from Choice Hotels International at [email protected] or by calling 1-888-543-4500, Suite A1.

The current state of emergency requires employers to use remote or teleworking whenever possible to avoid unnecessary work trips. People who commute to and from their workplace on a daily basis are subject to this Executive Order. Survival time is critical for hotels and businesses to quickly adapt to and adjust to the current needs of travelers and surrounding communities.

Black African American owners to ensure they are fully involved in the benefits of owning a Choice brand hotel. Black Americans owned: Ensure that all black African-American owners are fully involved in their responsibility and the benefits that come with the Choice hotel brands of Choice Hotel Group, Inc., a subsidiary of Choice Hotels Group Inc., and a member of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Black African-American Properties: Make sure that every black American owner fully discharges his duties and responsibilities and all the benefits associated with owning Choice hotels.

Choice says CHOAAA is the only franchisee - a group dedicated specifically to black African American hoteliers - that provides permanent representation, support and advocacy for underrepresented entrepreneurs. This will give them access to the highest level of representation and support in the hotel industry, as well as business support.

CHOAAA has set itself the task of giving companies from emerging markets in the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East the opportunity to network directly with them. CHOAAA provides the first - of its kind - way of representing and supporting black African-American hoteliers, as well as providing support and advocacy for underrepresented entrepreneurs in emerging markets such as South Africa, India, China, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, and South America. The mission of CHOAAAA: CHOAABA's mission is to establish a personal relationship with a company that works with an emerging market company in America, Europe, Africa - America or South America.

This dialogue is designed to help improve the diversity of Choice Hotels "ownership base by increasing representation of the black African-American community. This dialogue is intended and should contribute in part to increasing the diversity of ownership relationships at ChoiceHotels while increasing representation in the black African-American community. These dialogues are intended and intend to contribute inpart to improving the ownership base of Diversity inChoice Hot Hotels, with the aim of increasing representation within the Black African-American community and supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

A board of directors - a certified ENT physician - has tasked Dr. Williams with developing a strategic partnership with Choice Hotels to develop a multi-million dollar hotel development project. Washington is managing partner of Southern Accommodations, LLC, and a board of certified otolariesnologists, and has been tasked with developing an investment portfolio of more than 1,000 hotel properties in the U.S. and Canada. A Board Certified otOLARYNOLOGISTS, " Williams has signed a strategy to develop a strategic partnership with greater diversity in the Choice Hotel's ownership base.

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